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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Boost Your Image - The 4 Easy Tips You Should Know

Body language can give us many clues about one's personality, relationships, level of confidence and personal qualities. It is a fundamental part of one's body image i.e. how you portray yourself to others. As an indication, 93% of our communication is non-verbal. Therefore the famous phrase "it's not what you say but how you say it", is true, especially when you are making your first impression. First impressions or lasting impressions can give one a boost during job interviews, networking opportunities and even when trying to find the right partner. Below are some important body language techniques that can boost your image:


Think about how it feels like when you meet someone for the first time. If they are standing or sitting up straight, it would seem that the individual is very confident, perhaps even arrogant in their personality. In contrast, a relaxed posture i.e. arms relaxed, uncrossed and hands visible, shows that the individual is open and shows no boundaries and encourages conversation. We naturally move closer to the individuals we prefer to make relationships with and move away from people we dislike. Therefore one must think very carefully on how they want to come across to other individuals.


Boost your image with a strong, firm hand shake. This shows no fear and confidence in the individual, whereas sweaty "weak" hand shakes seem that the individual has a nervous disposition and finds it difficult to handle stress or difficult situations. Hand gestures made during conversation, portrays confidence in the ability to express one self, it shows ease with oneself and the ability to communicate well.


Eyes are the mirrors of one's soul. They give away more than you think. Boost your image with maintained eye contact. This shows that the individual is trustworthy, sincere and caring and has nothing to hide. Whereas, shifty eyes, continuous blinking, indicates that this individual is capable of deception and lies. Would you employ this type of person? Or consider dating someone like this? Probably not, and therefore it's very important to look at the person you are interacting with and nod to acknowledge the information. Interestingly, dilated pupils in an individual can reveal attraction and appeal towards the other person.


Nobody likes listening to people who mumble or speak under their breaths. Are they speaking to you or muttering like mad men to themselves? What they are saying doesn't seem to be too important and can be irritating. Boost your image by speaking clearly, with a confident tone to make yourself heard and prove that you are not somebody who one can ignore or dismiss lightly. Sometimes deception can be seen through long pauses, lots of ''ums' and 'uh' during conversation because it may seem that the individual is creating time to make lies. So try not to do this.

To boost your image, one must gain conscious control of your body language. Are you crossing your arms and legs defensively or are you relaxed and open? Are you fiddling with objects and getting distracted or are you nodding and showing that you are listening intently. The best way to win someone over is to mirror his or her body language. Being aware of your body language and what it means, can help you gain control over your image and boost it in a positive way.

by Amanda Walker

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