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Monday, March 12, 2012

Kudos for JC Penney

I am lovin' the new look for JC Penney's mailer catalogs. It is absolutely slick. The layouts are sharp. Merchandise is displayed in a style that reminds me of the seasonal mailers of those "high dollar" stores. I've been a JC Penney shopper for years, but never paid attention to the advertisements that showed up in my mailbox. I don't have a photo to do the new look justice, but I do have a photo that, hopefully, will give readers a taste of the new flavor.

The photo below is an example of the JC Penney bedding featured in a recent mini-catalog. Reminds me of Pottery Barn --another favorite of mine.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Junk Gypsy Co. Blog

Junk Gypsy Co. Blog

Wow. Look for a couple of my favorite gals, "The Junk Gypsies" this spring on HGTV! My dream has come true! Sorry, you have to click on the link to see their bodacious photos. It is late and  forgot to ask for permision to post the pics. If you like vintage finds and a little of this and that, you will love The Junk Gypsy Co.